Custom Stickers that POP

We work with a lot of great vendors for custom stickers, but Sticker Mule is one of our favorites! They have some great quality stickers that can elevate your brand and their unique sticker stocks like holographic and glitter are really fun, and add a unique look and feel to [...] Read More

A Complete Brand – Mailer Packaging

Your brand should be a full package and work through all aspects of your materials. We work with businesses to take their logo and message through various medias to keep a cohesive look and feel that exudes their brand to engage their customer. Don’t let your brand stop at just [...] Read More

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels (IG: @dpopbes)

A Brief Rundown of the New RTD Server Environment

We are proud to begin the process of bringing our large portfolio of websites to an all-Ohio datacenter located in Medina, Ohio. Learn about how our new server is setup for maximum speed, efficiency, and quality!

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RTD goes Hollywood

Stolen designs, secretive clients and childhood dreams all play a part in this branding project.

Read the story to find out how Red Tail Design ended up creating the logo for a major motion picture.

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Ohio Craft Brewers Conference 2019

Heading to OCBC 2019? Did you meet us there? Check out what we can do for your brewery.

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Marketing your brewery with sense of place

With a hyper-local theme running through the industry, many breweries use their location to drive branding and marketing. Isaac highlights three breweries who appeal to sense of place in order to convey their values and identity.

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Hop the Herald Angels Sing

The cold winter months bring more than just dark, spiced seasonal beers. Time for some fresh hops!

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Brewery Brands We Love

Evocative. Eye-catching. Playful. Bold. We compiled some of our staff’s favorite brewery brands from around the country and talked about why these stood out to us and how we fell in love with them.

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Tap handles: not just for beer

When you hear “tap handle,” you probably think beer. In a crowded craft market, that’s not surprising, as the need for a distinct handle is now more important than ever.

But beer isn’t the only liquid that needs a tap handle.

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Logan Schmitt Red Tailed Hawk illustration

Our mascot’s flattering portrait

Working in design, you get exposed to a ton of awesome creators.

Logan Schmitt’s distinct illustrative style lends itself super well to wildlife (and feathers specifically). So earlier this year we treated ourselves to a high-end interpretation of our beloved mascot, the Red Tailed Hawk.

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