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Red Tail Hawk by Logan Schmitt Illustration for Red Tail Design Company, ©2018

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Working in design, you get exposed to a ton of awesome creators.

Logan Schmitt’s distinct illustrative style lends itself super well to wildlife (and feathers specifically). So earlier this year we treated ourselves to a high-end interpretation of our beloved mascot, the Red Tailed Hawk.

Obviously, we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out.

You can see Logan’s work on a wide range of concert posters and prints. Even in your local beer spot, on the new cans for North High Brewing’s “Life.”

Upright Press in Columbus printed a limited run of Logan’s Red-Tailed illustration for us.

We also had to put it on some shirts. It looks killer on tri-blend tan.

If you want a shirt, they’re available (and comfy)!

For some sweet shirts with your own branding, please talk to us about apparel.

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