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Your brand should be a full package and work through all aspects of your materials. We work with businesses to take their logo and message through various medias to keep a cohesive look and feel that exudes their brand to engage their customer. Don’t let your brand stop at just business cards and letter head and a great logo slapped on a generic website template. Bring it all together.

Our sister company, Ohio is Home, is our Ohio pride retail business based in Athens, Ohio. One small thing we do to add a little extra to the shirts we ship is to create custom printed poly mailer bags . We have worked with Sticker Mule as one of our suppliers as they allow us to design low order counts on high quality, full color bags that really add an extra touch to our shipped products. Because they offer a low order quantity we have been able to tweak and change up the designs on the bags to cater to different audiences within out brand, but all with the same Ohio is Home style and message. We all know how great it can be to see those iconic Amazon boxes at the front door, so why not let our Ohio is Home brand create that same excitement with our customers and yours!

Contact us today to create a packaging design that will make your customers day!


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