The benefits of in-house.

The faster your business moves, the more important it is to run your own social media.

You care about your business, you know your business. Shouldn’t you speak for your business, too?

We’ll make you a custom social strategy, then sit down with you and consult while you put it into action. It’s a user manual, best practices guide and training program made just for you.

Our process.

Social media is not one-size-fits-all. Your plan is tailor-made, and this is how we make it:

  1. Begin with your company or organization’s mission statement and goals.
  2. Conduct a social media audit – what you look like online now and what you’re already doing.
  3. Find your audience, where they are online.
  4. Research what your industry is doing.
  5. Set social media goals to support your mission.
  6. Outline specific tactics for each social media. This is the nitty-gritty, what tools to use, how to use them.
  7. Sit down with you and your key personnel to go over your custom plan.
  8. Train you on its use.
  9. Coach you while you carry out specific daily tasks.
  10. Show you ways to monitor success and how to pivot based on results.

Grow your company’s value.

Your business will be more nimble and flexible, able to pass specialized knowledge on internally and adapt to new tools. You’ll know what works, and why it works.

You can pay someone else to do your social media each month, and maybe your business is the right size to do that.

But for small-mid size businesses and organizations, you can be in direct control and save money in the long term by building your internal social media skills.

Our knowledge comes from years of experience with small businesses, community organizations, chambers of commerce, breweries, and local city governments. We’ve taught classes, led discussions, and work-shopped.

Build your company’s knowledge base and skill set. You should be in complete control of your brand online.

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