Now a major motion picture.

Sometimes, even a small design company in Southeast Ohio gets the chance to go Hollywood. Our chance came when we got to design a logo for “Bumblebee,” the new Transformers movie.

In 2017, Paramount Pictures reached out to Red Tail about a logo. Well, we didn’t actually know it was Paramount Pictures right off the bat, as these sorts of things are kept TOP SECRET, especially before a movie is even in production.

But lo and behold, a major studio needed us to create a design for an upcoming movie!

Bumblebee Movie Logo by Red Tail Design Co

Bumblebee logo is property of Hasbro. 

We didn’t know exactly how the logo would be used, so it needed to be versatile. This design works well as a stand alone image and also across all manner of products including toys and apparel.

The Bumblebee logo is based off of an old logo Tim made years ago. Paramount initially reached out about acquiring the original logo, but we offered to make them a new version.

Here’s the original logo that inspired the new design, and some different versions that Tim came up with during the process.

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There’s a lot more to the whole story. You can read the entire tale of how this came to be (and what it was like keeping the secret) in our blog post, RTD Goes Hollywood.

The Bumblebee logo is property of Hasbro.