A Breath of Fresh Air.

Imagine you’re searching for someone to come help you fix your heat or air conditioning – fast. You want that first website you go to be one that is clear, easy to navigate, and builds instant credibility. That was our mission with David White Services, a family-owned business delivering the best heating and cooling services in the area for more than 40 years. We knew they would be a customer’s best bet in a bind, and we wanted both their website to reflect that, but also theirs to be the first one a potential customer finds with a local search. Their new responsive website is a refreshing, clean way to communicate a wide range of products and services, provide contact information and 24/7 assistance, and announce updates through social media channels all in one place. The new site includes a footer with location-based information for cities across southern Ohio, which benefits not only customers throughout the region, but also recognizes search engine optimization benefits.