Branding, Laser Cut/Engraved

We love Fluff and have enjoyed their bakery and restaurant for years. Their existing logo was iconic, yet in need of a modern update.

It’s always great to have a solid starting point. We cleaned up the cloud-based design, maintaining the “fluffiness” but providing depth to the brand name and a solid foundation for the logo.

Then we simplified it to one-color, which really pops thanks to the bold lines.


Fluff Athens old logo


Fluff Bakery Cafe Athens logo by Red Tail Design

The new text better describes what Fluff is specifically about.

It’s great to have a unique and playful tagline but with so much noise out there, you need to be explicit about what you do either through imagery or text.

The cloud aspect of this logo along with the brand name already spoke to the whimsical and fun nature of their delectable products. The new text states plainly what you can expect at Fluff.

The updated design looks amazing on their new signage we made!

Fluff Bakery Athens signage by Red Tail Design

Fluff Bakery Athens Signage work in progress shot

Make sure to stop into Fluff for your coffee, pastry, or rice bowl next time you’re in uptown Athens.