When pigs fly.

Phil at House of Chop wanted to be a fabricator since he was in high school. He even built his first car, a ’68 Chevelle, with his dad when he was 16. Yes, he still has the car.

After a wide range of careers and experience, Phil made his dream job a reality with House of Chop.

To embody the then-new project, House of Chop wanted a typography-driven logo and a standalone single image. For the image, they suggested a flying pig. As in, they never really thought this would happen. 

House of Chop Logo

House of Chop Logo

For the text based option, we created a circle logo with stylized “chop.” The pig concept fell perfectly into place with “tig pig” that Phil and his Instagram followers lovingly named Tiglet. If you’re familiar with welding, you know that “TIG” is an arc welding process. We created a cute little pig icon, outfitted with welding gear.

House of Chop rapidly built a strong following on Instagram, thanks to vibrant personality, work ethic and an engaging social media voice. This little pig embodies the fun that Phil and House of Chop showcase.

We loved helping House of Chop with their visual identity, and enjoy seeing all the projects Phil tackles on Instagram! Make sure to give House of Chop a follow to see for yourself.