Laser Cut/Engraved, Woodworking

Built with purpose.

Jackie O’s Brewery asked us to produce beer menu boards that are visually striking, easy to read, and consistent.

We wanted to make something that can change often since new beers are always coming and going. It also needed to fit into the workflow of the brewery’s busy locations. Jackie O’s previous solution, a large whiteboard, was flexible yet malleable, and things could get erased accidentally.

We crafted a beautiful set of beer boards made with a sleek dry-erase wood finish. Laser carved numbers and ABV percentages add depth and style. Removable individual panels create an adjustable and easy-to-update list. Magnetic icons increase functionality while showcasing beer pricing and other information.

You can see these boards at all Jackie O’s locations. We’re proud to have crafted these informative and eye-catching focal points for all pub visitors.

Finished Product


Jackie O's Beer Board installationJackie O's Beer Board Blank closeupJackie O's beer board magnetic icons


Jackie O's brewery beer board detail closeup

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