Meigs County Chamber and Tourism needed a new visual identity that showcased their dual chamber of commerce and tourism missions.

This required combining “main street” business imagery with the natural and inviting elements suitable for a convention and visitors bureau.

The final emblem features business facades of Pomeroy, the county seat. The water in the foreground represents the Ohio River, which also makes up a large chunk of Meigs’ border. The lush green hills of Southeast Ohio round out the design and break the frame for an engaging pop of asymmetry.

Meigs County Chamber and Tourism branding portfolio project by Red Tail Design

Meigs County Chamber and tourism simplified logo.

To complement the full emblem, we also created a simplified version with more flexible utility. We included a silhouette of the county itself in both forms of the logo to tie it all together.

Meigs’ distinctive county outline represents a unique feature of river counties, with a location recognizable simply from its shape.

Our rural communities in Southeast Ohio deserve high quality visual and online brand identities! We love working on projects like this.