Branding, Website

Author, podcaster, blogger, and public speaker Nicole J. Phillips uses her work to spread a healing message of kindness learned through her own life experiences.

Her website needs to fulfill a wide range of duties, such as hosting separate sections for her blog, podcast, speaking events, information about her published work, and other resources related to her mission. Not to mention a┬áseries of pages dedicated to her daughter’s own noble mission, Cozy’s for the Cure.

Nicole J Phillips website by Red Tail Design

We organized her site into separate sections that serve as standalone resources but are also easily accessible from one another in a logical architecture. Her color scheme, script style, and bright positive imagery carry across the entire website.

Besides the website, we also got to make some “token of kindness” coins for Nicole, lasered out of wood with blue coloring, as physical reminders of Nicole’s mission.

Nicole J Phillips Kindness Tokens

We appreciate working with Nicole and thank her for speaking so highly of us in her blog!