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One of Athens, Ohio’s biggest and most popular events of the year is Ohio Brew Week. Dozens of craft breweries from all over the state join thousands of beer lovers to enjoy a variety of events all over town.

The event organizers were looking to revamp their website, make it a quick, easy space for event and brewery information, but they also wanted a useful, functional and fun place to go during the 50 weeks out of the year that weren’t Ohio Brew Week.

As huge fans of craft beer ourselves, we built a website that was a real labor of love. We built a centralized, stylish location for Brew Week events, news, sponsors, shopping, and more. We also built a fully custom beer tracker for the site, allowing connoisseurs to keep track of beers they had tried, or loved, on their mobile device and/or computer year-round.

This site will continue to evolve along with the event itself, and it is something we look forward to every year.


In 2016 we teamed up with Ohio Brew Week on the beer festival’s merchandise line. We introduced a range of new products including sampler glassware and stainless steel pint glasses.

We utilized Kevin Morgan’s iconic artwork for a selection of products and offered several of our own designs.

Increasing the year-round availability of Ohio Brew Week merchandise established our line of products as popular beer themed holiday gifts.

Our sister company, Ohio is Home, is the official retailer for all Ohio Brew Week merchandise.

See more merchandise at our storefront on Columbus Road in Athens, home of Ohio Brew Week.


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