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Ohio Brew Week, held annually in Athens, is one of the biggest and most well-attended events of the year. Dozens of craft breweries from all over the state join thousands of beer lovers to enjoy a variety of events all over town. The folks in charge of the event came to us looking to totally revamp their website and change it into something that people interested in the event could use quickly and easily, including during the 50 and a half weeks of the year the event wasn’t going on. As huge fans of craft beer ourselves, we built a website that was a real labor of love. We built a centralized, stylish location for Brew Week events, news, sponsors, shopping, and more. We also built a fully custom beer tracker for the site, allowing connoisseurs to keep track of beers they had tried, or loved, on their mobile device and/or computer. This site will continue to evolve along with the event itself, and we look forward to it every year!