Branding, Website

With nearly 5,000 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, faculty, and staff, the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University houses the largest selection of primary courses on campus, and half of the credit hours — from philosophy to nanoscience. A robust community like CAS with a diverse set of specialties and opportunities called for a robust rebuilding of their website. One that both tells each department’s distinct story, while remaining true to an overarching Arts & Sciences brand. We rebuilt their entire web presence of more than 18 separate websites into one fresh, responsive design using the university-provided CommonSpot CMS platform. As one of the regional experts in CommonSpot development, we delivered a fast, accessible, SEO-friendly website, including a specialized, catalogued news engine and faculty directory system. The website focuses on each unique user’s needs — whether they are a prospective, incoming or current student, a parent, alum or faculty member. We are proud to continue to iterate on these ideas, as well as work on a series of posters and branding/design work for events and campaigns for the college.