A good problem to have.

Piano Safari grew rapidly in the years since we first made a website for them back in 2016.

The Piano Safari website serves as an ecommerce platform for an ever-growing selection of piano teaching products, including books and supplements. It also houses a robust teacher guide section that complements the method books with unit maps, audio files, and more.

Piano Safari website homepage mockup

The Piano Safari teaching method is now used around the world, introducing Spanish versions of the core books in 2019.

The ever-expanding product list and resources section started to outgrow our original website organization. A couple of years of audience and visitor feedback also helped highlight some updates we should make.

To address these issues, we added a few things:

  • New landing pages improve shop hierarchy and provide site entry points to help customers find what they need.
  • More explanatory and orientation based copy helps the range of potential visitors, from parents to piano teachers, find information relevant to them.
  • Reorganized page hierarchy will support new sections and continued expansion in the future.

We love working with Piano Safari and seeing all of the praise they receive from piano teaching peers and in the industry at large.