Helping to deliver quality training of rural medical workers

RTTC is a non-profit founded in 2012 as a coalition of rural medical educators, medical schools with rural tracks, rural residency programs of all types, rural researchers, and policymakers. The RTT Collaborative functions as a nexus for those interested in building and sustaining health professions education in rural places.

RTTC reached out to Red Tail in order to create a clean, fast new website for their organization. As a group spread all throughout the country, The RTTC needed a centralized place to gather information, news, updates about conferences/meetings, and more. Another major goal of the project was the development and implementation of customized maps showcasing general rural medical programs as well as programs that are members of the RTTC. The Profiles for programs are edited on the back-end of the site, and are then displayed in the correct maps automatically.

Rural Programs Map

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Viewing a Program Profile

Easily Editing a Program