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Natural beauty, modern experience.

The Vinton County Convention & Visitors Bureau (VCCVB) came to us for a refresh.

They wanted to convey to Ohioans and beyond their local natural beauty while listing the goings-on of the county. We collaborated on a comprehensive re-branding of their entire organization, which included a fresh website design.

The resulting brand and website is a reflection of Vinton County’s natural beauty juxtaposed with a modern, user-friendly experience.

One of the major goals of the VCCVB is to drive tourism, economic growth and development in Vinton County. To pursue this goal, we gave priority to various “actions,” carefully chosen verbs that allow visitors to narrow down tourism information on the site.

These “actions” are visible both on the homepage buttons and in the unique left-side navigation (visible on the full-width site). Actions also complement other critical features of the site, such as the Upcoming Events area.

As a convention and visitors bureau, the VCCVB also focuses on gaining and retaining membership of local businesses, organizations, and groups interested in the shared goal of economic growth for the county and fellow members.

The focus on community growth informed our design of other areas of the site, including a directory of members, local points of interest, things to do, and a downloadable visitors guide.

We love working with local organizations and creating sites that showcase nature while providing visitors with a clean, modern experience.

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